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Community rules

The Creative App community is a suitable place to talk about Android customization. No other arguments are allowed. You can share everything about Android customization and the tech world.

What can you post:

  • The Play Store link of your Android app (Icon Pack, Wallpaper, Widget, etc)
  • You can inquire about topics regarding Android customization
  • Texts / images / videos on Android apps / games on the Play Store
  • UI and UX illustrations
  • Android customization topics
  • Texts / images / videos of new devices

Not allowed:

  • Photos / Pictures that relate to your life
  • Selfies
  • Wallpapers are prohibited
  • Homescreens are prohibited
  • Text / Image / video which does not concern Android customization
  • Forbidden texts / images / videos concerning politics
  • Prohibited texts / images / videos relating to religions

We work to offer a special experience.

The rules are constantly updated

Those who do not respect these simple rules will be banned

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